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Student Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
FAQs for UCI Students

  • Contact the Student Health Center (SHC) at 949-824-5301 to ask for instructions.

    ○ Tell them your symptoms.

    ○ Tell them that you were in China.

    ○ If you can’t reach the Student Health Center, call ahead before going to urgent care/emergency room.

  • You may be contacted by the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), and they may provide you with additional instructions.
  • Labs may be drawn and you will be asked to stay home and monitor your health for 14-days, during which time you should:

    ○ Avoid contact with others.

    ○ Do NOT travel while sick.

    ○ Take good care to remain healthy.

  • Notify Disability Services Center at dsc@uci.edu or 949-824-7494 to inform them of your situation.
  • Once cleared by OCHCA or SHC, you may return to normal activity.
  • Contact the Student Health Center at 949-824-5301 to ask for instructions. Tell them you were in China, but not exhibiting any symptoms.
  • Notify Disability Services Center at dsc@uci.edu or 949-824-7494 to inform them of your situation.
  • Stay home and monitor your health within this 14-day period.

    ○ Take your temperature with a thermometer 2 times a day and watch your health.

  • If you develop a fever (100.4F/38C), cough, difficulty breathing or other symptoms:

    ○ Call the Student Health Center for advice before seeking care.

    ○ Tell them your symptoms and that you were in China.

    ○ If you can’t reach SHC, call ahead before going to urgent care/emergency room.

  • You will be contacted regularly by SHC nursing.
  • Once the 14 days have completed, you may return to normal activity.
  • The 2019 Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) comes from a large family of viruses that are a common cause of mild upper respiratory infections, but also include both SARS and MERS, which can cause more serious disease. Most patients with coronavirus have mild symptoms, however this new virus has resulted in cases of severe illnesses and deaths reported in China.

    To learn more about the coronavirus, the CDC website is a reliable source of updated information:https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

    Additionally, the UCI Student Health Center is posting information as it is learned, and a dedicated website at https://ehs.uci.edu/PublicHealth/coronavirus.html has been created for students, staff and faculty to find the latest information on Coronavirus as it relates to UCI and UCI Health.

    To reduce further spread of the infection, Wuhan City and nearby areas have implemented travel restrictions. Airports in the U.S. (including LAX), are now screening entering travelers from certain areas for symptoms of respiratory infection.

    Locally, this is an evolving situation. The campus and medical center are in coordination with Orange County Health Care Agency resources and the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) to provide ongoing clinical guidance. Please check the above mentioned websites often for the most up-to-date information.

    Additionally, UCI has stepped up its frequency with facilities and custodial in wiping down surfaces in campus buildings, dining halls, and residence halls.

    No, we are informed there are currently no positive Coronavirus cases on the UCI campus or at the UCI Medical Center. Detailed information of confirmed cases in the U.S. can be found on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website as such information becomes available.

    There is currently no vaccine for Coronavirus (2019-nCoV); however, the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) are working around the clock to develop one.

    The only current testing for the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is done at the CDC Laboratories in Atlanta, Georgia. At this point, testing is only performed for patients who meet all of the clinical and travel criteria.

    If you have a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath:

  • Stay home from school/work if you are having symptoms
  • Wash your hands and stay well hydrated/drinking fluids
  • Cover your cough, and avoid close contact with others
  • Call your healthcare provider to make an appointment
  • If you have traveled to Wuhan, China, or have been in close contact with someone who has recently traveled to Wuhan, China, within 14 days before the onset of your symptoms, please notify your provider/clinic BEFORE entering their office. It is important to call so that your provider/clinic can be prepared for your visit.

    The UCI Student Health Center has developed triage screening (by phone and at our front desks) and has implemented additional protocols to help identify possible cases of coronavirus to provide optimal care for those with symptoms and to protect other patients and staff.

    UCI Students should call Student Health Center at (949) 824-5304.

    UCI Faculty and Staff should call their healthcare provider immediately for care.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home, work, or school
  • Practice healthy habits: get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food
  • If you have not received your annual flu shot, please visit the UCI SHC website to review the schedule, and schedule a Flu Shot visit
  • This is still be worked on by the scientific community. However, here is what the Center for Disease Control says: “The virus probably originally emerged from an animal source but now seems to be spreading from person-to-person. It’s important to note that person-to-person spread can happen on a continuum. Some viruses are highly contagious while others are less so. It’s not clear yet how easily 2019-nCoV spreads from person-to-person.“

    No, however we strongly recommend students get a flu shot to prevent contracting influenza which is easily spread and can result in the ill student missing classes.

    For now, public health officials say there’s no need to wear face masks in the United States; however, there is likely no harm in adding this additional layer of prevention, especially for people who think they may be sick. There are some available in the Student Health Center.

    Health-care workers interacting with coronavirus patients or suspected cases will follow CDC recommendations to wear the N95 respirator mask, along with other precautions like gloves and eye protectors.

    The UCI Student Health Center will continue to screen and identify possible cases of Coronavirus. We are committed to providing optimal care for those with symptoms, and to helping ensure appropriate treatment and exposure prevention. As the situation changes and we have new information, we will send timely updates to the campus community. Additionally, we are updating the Student Health Center website as new information is available. And, there is a dedicated website for Coronavirus information at: https://www.ehs.uci.edu/PublicHealth/coronavirus.html

    UCI Students should call Student Health Center at (949) 824-5304.

    UCI Faculty and Staff should call their healthcare provider immediately for care.

    Students are advised to contact Disability Services who can work with you to find accommodations for missing classes for a temporary time period. Or, if needed, provide you with a letter to be excused from classes.

    There are currently no plans to cancel classes, and we will not plan to do so unless directed by our Orange County Health Care Agency.

    UCI remains open for normal operation and students are encouraged to attend their regularly scheduled classes.

    All operations and classes at UCI are open as per usual. This includes all class types and sizes, and all ancillary seminars, athletics, performances, and other university events.

    Yes. We understand that the uncertainties surrounding Coronavirus may be causing stress among students, for a variety of reasons. You are encouraged to contact the Student Counseling Center.