Hot Works Permit Request - Campus Departments (Other Than FM or D&CS)

NOTE: If this hot work involves UCI Facilities Management (FM) or Design & Constrction Services (D&CS), please exit this page and complete the appropriate form.

A Hot Work Permit is required for any temporary operation involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks. This includes, but is not limited to: brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, thawing pipe, torch applied roofing, and welding.


  1. Complete all required fields indicating that the proper precautions have been taken.
  2. Click “Submit”. The permit request will then be sent to EH&S for review and approval.
  3. If all precautions have been met, you will receive an approved Hot Work permit via email.
After receiving the approved permit, it must be posted at the job site until all hot work activity has been completed. When the job is finished, fill in the “Work Completion Notice” section at the bottom of the approved permit and email it to Keep a copy of the permit for your records.

* Required fields

Precautions Checklist:

* Available sprinklers, hose streams, and fire extinguishers are in service and operable.
* Hot Work equipment is in good repair.
* Fire detection equipment protected from false activation and damage.
* PPE is used to protect worker from physical hazards while performing Hot Work.

* Requirements within 35 feet (11 meter) of work:

Flammable liquids, dust, lint and oily deposits are removed.
Explosive atmosphere in area is eliminated.
Floors are swept clean.
Combustible floors are wet down, and covered with damp or fire-resistive sheets.
Other combustibles are removed when possible. Otherwise, fire-resistive tarpaulins or metal shields are used.
All wall and floor openings are covered.
Fire resistive tarpaulins are suspended beneath work.
Ducts and conveyors that might carry sparks to distant combustible material are protected or shut down.

Work on walls, ceilings, and or roofs:

Construction is noncombustible and without combustible covering or insulation.
Combustibles on both sides of walls, ceilings, roofs are moved away.
Does not apply.

Work on enclosed equipment:

Enclosed equipment is cleaned of all combustibles.
Containers have been purged of flammable liquids/vapors.
Pressurized vessels, piping and equipment are removed from service, isolated and vented.
Does not apply.

* Fire Watch/Hot Work area monitoring:

Fire Watch will be provided during and for at least 30 minutes after work (including lunch and any break times).
Fire Watch is supplied with suitable fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment.
Fire Watch is trained in the use of fire extinguishing equipment and in sounding emergency alarm.
Fire Watch may be required in adjoining areas, above and below.
Fire Watch will verify isolated fire detection equipment returned to normal operation.

Other Precautions Taken:

*Hot Work is being performed by:

UC Irvine employee
Contractor under UC Irvine supervision

* Person performing Hot Work:

* Company/Department:

* Phone Number:

* Trained: Yes No

* Person performing Fire Watch:

* Company/Department:

* Phone Number:

* Job Start Date: Start Time:

* Job End Date: End Time:

* Location - building/floor/room:

* Job Description:

I have verified that the above location has been examined and that all precautions selected on the checklist will be taken to prevent fire. I have also reviewed this job with my supervisor and the building/school facilities manager or EH&S representative identified below and have received permission to perform this work. They will also be copied on the email response.


* Supervisor:

* Phone Number:

* Email Address:


* Building/School Facilities Manager or EH&S Representative:

* Phone Number:

* Email Address:


* Submitter:

* Department:

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* Email Address: