Building Emergency Information

Anteater Instruction & Research Building
653 null

Primary Assembly Site:  Walkway/Bike Lane near north end of Parking Lot 18D
Secondary Assembly Site:   Lawn at E. Peltason Drive and Engineering Service Road

Building Response Personnel

Function Floor/Area Name Phone E-mail
Building Coordinator Judi Franz 949-824-9459
Building Coordinator (Alt.) Kate Morris 949-824-9598
Floor Warden 1st floor TBD VACANT
Floor Warden (Alt.) 2nd Floor TBD VACANT
Floor Warden 2nd floor Delsa Langford 949-824-0589
Floor Warden 2nd floor Liza Krassner 949-824-0178
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Craig Longuevan 949-824-7622
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Orlando Lewis 949-824-5371
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Brenda Fisher 949-824-6060
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Stefani Tran 949-824-2422
Floor Warden 3rd Floor TBD VACANT
Floor Warden 4th floor Zhe (Jared) Sun 949-824-6489
Floor Warden 4th Floor Myra Radlow