Emergency Building Information

Emergency Building Information

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Primary:  Grassy Area to the Left of the Service Road & In Front of W. Peltason




Function Floor/Area Name Phone Email
Building Coordinator TD Duong 949-824-7609 tcduong@uci.edu
Building Coordinator (Alt.) Jeremy Saine 949-824-7891 jsaine@uci.edu
Floor Warden 1st Floor Angelica Enriquez 949-824-1662 enriquea@uci.edu
Floor Warden 1st Floor Amanda Swain 949-824-1948 ajswain@uci.edu
Floor Warden 1st Floor Wylie Visconti 949-824-4652 wvisont@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor Matt McCabe 949-824-6450 mmccabe@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor Eva Yonas 949-824-3532 eyonas@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor Casey Wong 949-824-1742 casey.wong@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor Beth Pace 949-824-8596 epace@uci.edu
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Mindy Han 949-824-2165 mindyhan@uci.edu
Floor Warden 3rd Floor TBD VACANT
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Jennifer Choy 949-824-4523 jjchoy@uci.edu
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Cami King 949-824-6197 cking@uci.edu
Floor Warden 4th Floor Jeremy Saine 949-824-7891 jsaine@uci.edu
Floor Warden 4th Floor Anita Centeno 949-824-3638 acenteno@uci.edu
Floor Warden 4th Floor Arielle Read 949-824-8900 aaread@uci.edu
Floor Warden 4th Floor TD Duong 949-824-7609 tcduong@uci.edu