Building Emergency Information

Student Center
113 Gateway Ct.

Primary Assembly Site:  1) Rose Garden 2) Aldrich Park Sculpture Garden 3) Lawn area near the foot of Anteater Stairs
Secondary Assembly Site:   with multiple primary areas, no secondary areas designated at this time

Building Response Personnel

Function Floor/Area Name Phone E-mail
AreaWarden Auditorium Lobby Samantha Hulbert 949-824-0717
Area Warden (Alt.) Auditorium Lobby Kaitlyn Nishi 949-824-5611
Suite Rep. (Alt) Blood Donor Center Cristina Tetreault 949-824-2622
Suite Representative Blood Donor Center Teresa Barrett 949-824-8749
Suite Representative Bookstore Ray Camacho 949-824-7883
Suite Rep. (Alt) Bookstore James Trujillo 949-529-8748
Suite Rep. (Alt) Bookstore (Store Manager) Stacy Weidner 949-824-7875
Suite Representative Bookstore Shipping Blaze Blaisdell 949-824-7890
Suite Representative Catering, Kitchen/Pantry, 2nd Fl - ALT Johnny Parratto 949-824-0304
Suite Rep. (Alt) CSL Diana Wong 949-824-4129
Suite Representative CSL Brian Petyo 949-824-2884
Suite Representative E-Sports Arena Kathy Chiang 949-824-9731
Suite Rep. (Alt) E-Sports Arena Mark Deppe 949-824-9098
Suite Rep. (Alt) FC - Anteater Pub TBD VACANT
Suite Representative FC - Anteater Pub TBD VACANT
Suite Representative FC - Bene/Greens/JJ Irma Aguilar 949-824-0655
Suite Representative FC - Panda Express Johnny Raveza 714-469-2714
Suite Rep. (Alt) FC - Panda Express Jimmy Lin 949-824-0659
Suite Rep. (Alt) FC - Starbucks Vicki Nguyen 949-824-2233
Suite Representative FC - Starbucks Brook Gaudio 714-362-1702
Suite Representative FC - Subway Vicky Voong 949-824-0656
Suite Rep. (Alt) FC - Subway Daniel Palmerin 949-824-0656
Suite Representative FC - Wahoos Leslie Quijada 949-824-0655
Suite Rep. (Alt) FC - Wahoos Jennifer Li 949-824-0655
Suite Representative FC - Wendy's Fili (Silvestre) Cielo 949-350-2731
Area Warden (Alt.) G2 - ASUCI Aaron Echols 949-824-2408
AreaWarden G2 - ASUCI Kathy Stephens 949-824-2411
AreaWarden G2 - Food Court/Zot-N-Go Kelly Kuehnert 714-931-4846
Area Warden (Alt.) G2 - Food Court/Zot-N-Go Makayla Synak
Suite Rep. (Alt) G2 - Schools First Timi Ayala 714-258-4000
Suite Representative G2 - Schools First Kelly Pitzer 714-258-4000
Suite Rep. (Alt) G2 - UPS Store Zach Williams
Suite Representative G2 - UPS Store Andre Wijono 714-333-0420
Suite Representative G2 - Wells Fargo Dan La Zarr 949-823-9722
Suite Rep. (Alt) G2 - Wells Fargo Ernesto Arreola 949-823-9722
Floor Warden (Alt.) G3 TBD VACANT
Floor Warden G3 Lillian Abe 949-824-2794
Suite Rep. (Alt) G3 - CARE Winnie Tse 949-824-7116
Suite Representative G3 - CARE Mandy Mount 949-824-7273
Suite Representative G3 - International Center Adriana Gomez 949-824-4453
Suite Rep. (Alt) G3 - International Center Anna Wimberly 949-824-7249
Suite Representative G3 - LGBT Center David Bishop 949-824-3169
Suite Representative G3 - LGBT Center DJ Brown 949-824-3039
Suite Representative G3 - SLL Nicole Inouye 949-824-5181
Suite Rep. (Alt) G3 - SLL Steve Tajiri 949-824-7760
Suite Representative G3 - Veterans Center Jane Killer 949-824-3500
Suite Representative G3 - Student Wellness & Health Beth England-Mackie 949-824-8206
Suite Rep. (Alt) G3 - Student Wellness & Health Doug Everhart 949-824-2296
Floor Warden (Alt.) G4 Joe Caldwell 949-824-6812
Floor Warden G4 Chris Gee 949-824-1743
Suite Rep. (Alt) G4 - Counseling Center Rodolfo Victoria 949-824-6457
Suite Representative G4 - Counseling Center Carolyn O'Keefe 949-824-4775 cokeefe@uci,edu
Suite Representative G4 - HAS Claudette Brunelli 949-824-0185
Suite Rep. (Alt) G4 - HAS Alicia Hays 949-824-3333
Suite Representative G4 - HDS Lillian Abe 949-824-2794
Suite Rep. (Alt) G4 - HDS Lin Tang 949-824-1492
Suite Representative Maintenance Suite John Ma 949-824-1115
Suite Rep. (Alt) Maintenance Suite Marcos Miranda 949-824-4159
Suite Representative New University Natasha Monnereau 949-824-4284
Floor Warden Night Watch Supervisor Mike Strazzeri 949-824-2945
Floor Warden Night Watch Supervisor Hieu Trinh 949-824-2910
Suite Representative SCES Admin Office Erik Ramirez 949-824-4805
Suite Rep. (Alt) SCES Admin Office Cindy Kokkelenberg 949-824-2996
Area Warden (Alt.) Terrace Warden Jackie Kuniyoshi 949-824-5804
AreaWarden Terrace Warden Lisa Nakamura 949-824-4601