Building Emergency Information

Humanities Instructional Building
610 Humanities Ct.

Primary Assembly Site:  Grass area on corner of West Peltason.
Secondary Assembly Site:   Inner ring of Aldrich Park

Building Response Personnel

Function Floor/Area Name Phone E-mail
Building Coordinator (Alt.) Suzanne Bolding 949-824-6338
Building Coordinator Sandy Mueller 949-824-6718
Building Coordinator (Alt.) Laura Swendson 949-824-6408
Floor Warden Ground Floor Sara Connor 949-824-8457
Floor Warden Ground Floor Miriam Torres 46525
Floor Warden 1st Arielle Hinojosa 949-824-5891
Floor Warden 1st Susan Showler 949-824-6720
Floor Warden 1st Amy Fujitani 949-824-4303
Floor Warden 1st Dawn Jenison 949-824-1964
Floor Warden 2nd Bindya Baliga 949-824-7968
Floor Warden 2nd Megan Schleh 824-2291
Floor Warden 2nd Suzanne Bolding 949-824-6338
Floor Warden 3rd Stephanie Isnali 41601
Floor Warden 3rd Michelle Hu 824-2165
Floor Warden 3rd Ying Jin 4-6781
Floor Warden 4th Sandy Mueller 949-824-6718
Floor Warden 4th Camille Laws 824-6717
Floor Warden 4th Veronica Portal 949-824-0594
Floor Warden 4th Leslie Legaspi 4-0401