Emergency Building Information

Emergency Building Information

Science Library


Primary:  Area west of Science Library

Secondary:   Plaza between Bio Sci 3 and Bonney Research Lab



Function Floor/Area Name Phone Email
Floor Warden 1st Floor (Lobby) Brandon Emlinger 949-824-8026 emlinger@uci.edu
Floor Warden 1st Floor (MRC) Shahrooz Malekzadeh 949-824-0294 smalekza@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor Mitchell Brown 949-824-7932 mcbrown@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor John Sisson 949-824-4980 jsisson@uci.edu
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Amando Caiyod 949-824-3146 avcaiyod@uci.edu
Floor Warden 3rd Floor TBD VACANT
Floor Warden 4th Floor Hector Perez-Gilbe 949-824-6957 Perezhr@uci.edu
Floor Warden 4th Floor Joshua Hutchinson 949-824-8938 Jchutchi@uci.edu
Floor Warden 5th Floor TBD VACANT
Floor Warden 5th Floor Theodore Huntington 949-824-1674 thunting@uci.edu
Floor Warden 6th Floor (LIB) TBD VACANT
Floor Warden 6th Floor (LIB) Cindy Tyan 949-824-4987 styan@uci.edu
Floor Warden 6th Floor (OIT) Eufemia Palomino 949-824-3067 epalomin@uci.edu
Floor Warden 6th Floor (OIT) Asha Dasi adasi@uci.edu
Floor Warden 6th Floor (OIT) Jennifer McClure 949-824-3305 jmcclure@uci.edu
Building Coordinator (Alt.) Building Manager Archie Carter 949-824-7217 cartera@uci.edu
Building Coordinator Team Leader Jeff Schneidewind 949-824-7099 jhschnei@uci.edu