Building Emergency Information

502 Biological Sciences Ct.

Primary Assembly Site:  Plaza between McGaugh Hall and Steinhaus Hall
Secondary Assembly Site:   Aldrich Park, east of BC's Cavern

Building Response Personnel

Function Floor/Area Name Phone E-mail
Building Coordinator TBD VACANT
Building Coordinator (Alt.) Jordan Storkersen 949-824-2735
Floor Warden (Alt.) 1st Mi Lay 949-824-6952
Floor Warden 1st Doty Laurel 949-824-6952
Floor Warden 2nd Owen Shimizu 949-824-2833
Floor Warden (Alt.) 2nd TBD VACANT
Floor Warden (Alt.) 3rd Irma Rodriguez 949-824-1287
Floor Warden 3rd Marcus Umali 949-824-4776
Floor Warden (Alt.) 4th Matthew Bracken 949-824-6976
Floor Warden 4th Larry Mueller 949-824-4744
Floor Warden 4th Genevieve Bernatchez 949-824-6976
Floor Warden 5th TBD VACANT
Floor Warden (Alt.) 5th TBD VACANT
Floor Warden Basement (ULAR) TBD VACANT