Emergency Building Information

Emergency Building Information

Langson Library


Primary:  Inner ring to Aldrich Park adjacent to the Library

Secondary:   Not Assigned



Function Floor/Area Name Phone Email
Floor Warden 1st Floor Jessica Brobst 949-824-8706 jsbrobst@uci.edu
Floor Warden 1st Floor Brian Williams 949-824-0473 brianrw@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor John Bareford 949-824-2468 jbarefor@uci.edu
Floor Warden 2nd Floor Sherry Hallam 949-824-4304 shallam@uci.edu
Floor Warden 3rd Floor Alan Helmick 949-824-6628 ahelmick@uci.edu
Floor Warden (Alt.) 3rd Floor Kevin Lee 949-824-4304 changhl@uci.edu
Floor Warden 4th Floor Hans Protzel 949-824-7021 hprotzel@uci.edu
Floor Warden 4th Floor Scott Stone 949-824-8351 stonesm@uci.edu
Floor Warden 5th Floor Lynda Rogers 949-824-7115 larogers@uci.edu
Floor Warden 5th Floor Debora Kreuziger 949-824-5212 Dkreuzig@uci.edu
Floor Warden Basement Nicole Arnold 949-824-7780 nsarnold@uci.edu
Floor Warden Basement Antoinette Avila 949-824-8393 aavila@uci.edu
Building Coordinator (Alt.) Building Manager Kristine Ferry 949-824-0474 kferry@uci.edu
Building Coordinator Team Leader Jessica Brobst 949-824-8706 jsbrobst@uci.edu