Building Emergency Information

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Primary Assembly Site:  Lawn at E. Peltason Drive and Engineering Service Road
Secondary Assembly Site:   Walkway/Bike Lane near north end of Parking Lot 18D

Building Response Personnel

Function Floor/Area Name Phone E-mail
Floor Warden 1st Floor East (OIT) TBD VACANT
Floor Warden 1st/2nd Floor East 1101-1129, 2101-2164 David Hartwig 949-824-6227
Floor Warden 2nd Floor West Steven Martinez
Floor Warden 3rd Floor East 3101-3161 Tatum Rodriguez (949) 824-7830
Floor Warden 3rd Floor West Ryan Smith 949-824-2819
Floor Warden 3rd/4th Floor East 4201-4233, 3200-3233 Ruby Santos 949-824-4028
Floor Warden 4th Floor East 4130-4169 Linda Chandler 949-824-5333
Floor Warden 4th Floor West TBD VACANT
Building Coordinator EAST Michael Kennedy 949-824-1113
Building Coordinator WEST Marc Palazzo 949-824-8125