Environmental Health & Safety
Supporting the campus community by proactively protecting people, property and the environment in a responsible and cost effective manner.

 UCI's COVID-19 Resources & Updates | DFA Operational Updates
UCI Environmental Health and Safety is fully operational. We are currently practicing social distancing.
We are available to answer your questions. Please refer to our staff directory for contact information.

Environmental Health & Safety COVID-19 Resources


Environmental Health and Safety strives to provide reliable, innovative and proactive services to the campus community. EH&S and the campus community work together. Our goal is to integrate safety into the culture of our community while supporting academic and research excellence. The result is a safe and healthy environment with appropriate compliance, protection of assets and efficient execution of business processes.

If myself or any member of the EH&S team can provide assistance, please utilize the resources outlined on our website or contact me at jsterrit@uci.edu

John Sterritt
Executive Director
Environmental Health & Safety


If you or your employee experiences a serious injury that requires a trip to the hospital, please contact EH&S immediately at (949) 824-6200.
  • During business hours, press “1” to be connected to the front desk.
  • After hours and on weekends, press “2” to be connected to an EH&S responder.

Section 1

General Safety

General safety information
General safety and work performed in office or classroom settings.

Laboratory & Research

Lab and Research
Research and teaching lab safety policies, procedures, and services.

Maintenance & Skilled Trades

Facilities Management and Skilled Trades
Maintenance, grounds, custodial and other skilled trades.

Auxiliary Services

Auxillary services
Police, Childcare, Dining Services, Student Housing and etc.

Risk Services

Risk Services
Insurance programs, claims services, and risk consultations.

Forms & Online Services

Forms and Online Services

Access to safety training, hazardous waste disposal services, and etc.