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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Always review the chemical safety information, such as the SDS before starting work with a new or unfamiliar chemical.

What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

The California Hazard Communication Standard requires that hazardous materials manufacturers and distributors provide users with Safety Data Sheets ( SDS). A SDS provides health and safety information about the hazardous material which includes physical and chemical hazards, toxicity, health effects, emergency procedures, reactivity, storage, handling, disposal and protective equipment. MSDSs are the best general source of information available, and should be consulted as a first step in assessing the associated risk with doing an experiment. Users need to familiarize themselves with this information and have access to MSDS's while working.

Where can I obtain a SDS?

Use multiple Safety Data Sheet (SDS) sources from this list to develop safe work procedures.
Always review the SDS before starting work with a new chemical. Contact Environment, Health & Safety at (949) 824-6200 if you have questions about the chemicals you intend to work with.

Main SDS sources for the University of California
Both of these resources are available from UC Internet-connected computers (or remote access computers that have authenticated with a campus VPN connection). To access them from a non-UCSD computer, contact your campus Chemical Hygiene Officer for assistance.

Other online SDS sources
SDSs are an important source of health and safety information, but they should not be the only tool used to evaluate chemical hazards. Gather chemical hazard information from a variety of sources.

Good sources of non- SDS information