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Field Safety Planning

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Field Safety Planning

Planning a field trip for research or instructional purposes?
Field Research is defined as work activities conducted primarily for the purpose of research, undertaken by employees or students of UC Irvine beyond the geographic boundaries of UC Irvine property and the engineered (urban) environment and/or outside of the United States. It also includes service and research activities undertaken by agreement on behalf of other agencies, including government and private organizations. Field research activities can pose levels of risk to research team members, which may range from low to high and potentially lethal.

Field Safety Planning helps you anticipate and prepare for contingencies and potential health, safety and security hazards before you go. Individual health issues, reasonable care, and proper planning and precautions are essential. If an insurance claim or lawsuit is filed against the university, the department may have to pay deductibles if there is gross negligence.

Visit the UCOP travelor's Assistance site for more information including: