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1. Program Description  

2. Scope  

3. Definitions  

4. Responsibilities  

5. Program Components

6. Reporting Requirements
7. Training Requirements and Competency Assessment  

8. Information and External References

9. Appendices

I.  Program Description


It is our goal that all emergency evacuation signs that are installed in campus buildings be uniform in size, font, color, and materials.  This program describes the process involved in creating and obtaining emergency evacuation signs at UC Irvine.


II.    Scope

All campus buildings over one story high must post building evacuation signs on every floor.  Signs must be posted at all stairway and elevator landings and immediately inside all public entrances to the building.  All new buildings must have emergency evacuation signs reviewed by EH&S and installed prior to the occupancy of the building.


III.   Definitions


IV.  Responsibilities


The Fire Safety Division is responsible for reviewing the following elements for each emergency evacuation sign:


·        Title of sign (e.g. “ Evacuation Plan”)

·        Name of building

·        Name/number of floor

·        Building address (determined by the UC Irvine Police Department)

·        Statement that reads “IN CASE OF FIRE USE STAIRWAY - DO NOT USE ELEVATOR”

·        Physical locations of manual pull stations

·        Location of “You are Here” symbol

·        Exit routes

·        Physical locations of fire extinguishers

·        Physical locations of elevators

·        Statement that reads “Alarm sounds like horn - looks like flashing lights”

·        Statement that reads “In case of emergency, call the Fire Department: 911”

·         Heading next to the appropriate stairs is numbered as “Stairs #_ - No Roof Access”

·         Map legend


The EH&S/Fire Safety Division is also responsible for:



Facilities Management (FM) Sign Shop is responsible for:


·        Assisting and coordinating with D&CS on all new projects; and

·        Replacing emergency evacuation maps that were originally approved and posted by Facilities Management and replacing maps in 19900 state-funded buildings.

D&CS Project Mangers or Department Facilities Managers are responsible for:


·        Contacting the FM Sign Shop to develop project scope, coordinate schedules, and determine sign costs.

·        Providing building blueprints as requested by the FM Sign Shop.  If building plans are needed, contact the FM Design Manager at (949) 824-3010.

·        Verifying the building’s name, (e.g. Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility).  The building’s name should match the name on the UC Irvine Building Campus Map.

·        Verifying the building’s address.  Project managers must call UC Irvine’s Police Department at (949) 824-5222 to verify the building address (e.g. UC Irvine - 837 Medical Science Court).

·        Verifying locations of fire alarm manual pull stations, fire extinguishers, and elevators as this information will be requested by CCCD.

·        Verifying the location of stairs, stair name and if the stair has roof access (e.g. Stair #1 - No Roof Access or North Stair-Roof Access)

·        Coordinating exit routes with Fire Safety Division

·        Delivering proofs to Fire Safety Division for review

·        Accepting the final proof from CCCD

·        Coordinating exact mounting locations on wall space with Fire Safety Division

·        Coordinating final mounting locations in the building.  Project Managers must verify “You are Here” identifiers match the locations noted on the sign.  Contact the Facilities Management Sign Shop to install the final signs and to verify mounting costs.



V.   Program components


The following procedure should be followed when ordering signs for new/renovated buildings and for existing buildings:


1.  The D&CS Project Manager or Department Facilities Manager should contact:


Facilities Management

Tel (949) 824-4871

Fax (949) 824-1570

Contact person:  Dan Crout


4311 Wilshire Boulevard #112

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Tel (323) 549-4270 

Fax (323) 549-9070

Contact person:  Mike Hershorn


Indicate that you represent UC Irvine and place an order for evacuation signs.  FM’s Sign Shop has an existing agreement with CCCD for the pricing and design layout of all signs.


Sign specifications shall include the following information:





2.  The D&CS PM or Department Facilities Manager will provide the necessary building plans and other information directly to CCCD.


3.  CCCD will deliver the draft proofs to the D&CS PM or Department Facilities Manager for initial approval.  After the department has reviewed these proofs, copies of the proofs must be routed to the DCFM for his review and approval.  When routing the proofs to the DCFM, complete a transmittal form to expedite the process. 


4.  The DCFM will send the proofs back to the D&CS PM or Department Facilities Manager with any corrections.  See Appendix A for an example of a proof of an emergency evacuation sign for Gillespie Hall.


5.  CCCD will deliver the final proofs to FM’s Sign Shop for installation.


6.    FM’s Sign Shop will contact the D&CS PM or the Department Facilities Manager to schedule time for the installation of the completed emergency evacuation signs.  The bottom edge of the emergency evacuation sign shall not be mounted higher than four (4) feet above the finish surface.


Although there are no reporting requirements for this program, D&CS PM’s and Department Facilities Managers must ensure that the emergency evacuation signs are current and reflect any renovations or changes to the building and the evacuation route.  These changes must be reported to FM and to the DCFM to order a new emergency evacuation sign.  The department requesting the new emergency evacuation sign will be charged for the price of the new sign.



VI.          Training Requirements and Competency Assessment


No training and competency assessments are required for employees to participate in this program.



VII. Information and external references


Title 19, California Code of Regulations (19CCR), Section 3.09




IIX.      Appendices


            A – Example of evacuation sign at Gillespie Hall at the UC Irvine campus


Appendix A


Example of evacuation sign at Gillespie Hall at the UC Irvine campus