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REVISION DATE: December 2015



1. Program Description

2. Scope

3. Definitions

4. Responsibilities

5. Program Components

6. Reporting Requirements

7. Training Requirements and Competency Assessment

8. Information and External References

9. Appendices


1. Program Description


The Knox Box Program serves as a guideline to develop an alternative method for emergency services personnel to gain access to buildings in an emergency. By establishing this process, all campus buildings will be equipped with all necessary keys for emergency personnel to enter the building in an emergency.


2. Scope


This program applies to all buildings physically located on the UC Irvine campus and does not comply with off-campus buildings. Off campus buildings shall comply with the Knox box requirements of the local fire authority.


3. Definitions


Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) - The authority having jurisdiction determines the interpretation and application of fire protection requirement as adopted by the OSFM. At UC Irvine, the State Fire Marshal (SFM) has delegated the Designated Campus Fire Marshal (DCFM) as the AHJ for plan review and construction inspections.


Campus Fire Marshal (CFM) The CFM is a campus representative who has the responsibility and authority to enforce fire and life-safety requirements in all UC Irvine facilities


Designated Campus Fire Marshal (DCFM) - At the UC Irvine campus, the SFM has delegated the Designated Campus Fire Marshal (DCFM) as the AHJ for plan review and construction inspections. The DCFM also has the responsibility and authority to enforce SFM regulations and requirements on campus.


Project Managers (PM) - A Design and Construction Services (D&CS) employee who is assigned to manage a D&CS construction project.


Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) The local fire authority for the University of California, Irvine campus.


Knox - The proprietary name for fire department or local fire authority key access boxes.


Key Boxes Key access boxes house all of the necessary emergency keys needed for emergency personnel to access a building in case of an emergency.


Master Key or Card A key or card that can open every door in a specific building.


Off Mastered Room A room or specific door, that has been keyed so that the lock will not be opened by the building master


Fire Alarm Annunciator Key A key to open the fire annunciator box.


Gate or Bollard Key Usually a 4D or 6DA4 key that will open a gate or bollard (e.g. in parking structures). Some keys have been replaced by click-to-enter transmitters.


4. Responsibilities


Design and Construction Services (D&CS) Responsibilities

         Obtain appropriate order forms from EH&S for Knox boxes.

         Ordering and purchasing Knox boxes for new construction projects.

         Ordering building keys for Knox boxes.

         Installing Knox box for newly constructed buildings.

         Obtaining final approval from the DCFM and EH&S Fire Division prior to installation.


Facilities Management (FM) Responsibilities

         FM shall install Knox boxes for existing campus buildings.

         Lock Shop shall notify the CFM of any changes to the master keys of buildings on campus.

         FM Project Managers shall notify the Fire Safety Division if any projects change the master keys for the building.

         Identify off master rooms

         Provide keys on sealed ring


Fire Safety Division/ Campus Fire Marshal (CFM) Responsibilities

         Approving Knox box locations.

         Equipping Knox boxes with the appropriate keys and locking the boxes.

         Maintaining building masters and updating any changes to the buildings.

         Provide fire alarm and annunciator key

         Provide the list for keys in Knox Box


5. Program Components


5.1 Ordering - Contractors are required to obtain 4400 series Knox Box order form from the Fire Safety Division. To request an order form, call EH&S at (949) 824-6200 and ask for the Fire Safety Specialist in charge of Knox Boxes.


5.2 Keys - When ordering the following keys for Knox Box (3 sets required):

         Master key

         Maintenance room key (ie Electrical Room)

         Fire Alarm key and fire alarm annunciator key

         Elevator recall key (if required)

         Gate or Bollard key (if required)

         Any other key necessary for emergency personnel use (off mastered rooms)


All keys will be located on a group key ring. All keys must be labeled with the building name and number, master number, fire alarm panel identification, and utility and maintenance closet identification.


5.3 Location - The approved location of Knox boxes shall be determined by the Fire Safety Division. Knox boxes will be mounted at a maximum of 5 feet above ground level.


5.4 Access - The UC Irvine EH&S Fire Safety Division, and UC Irvine Police Department have been issued sub-master keys to access campus Knox boxes. Access has been granted to these groups to ensure that the keys are up to date and will operate properly in the event of an emergency. A list of authorized UC Employees is available to appropriate parties upon request. To request a list, call EH&S at (949) 824 6200 and ask for the Campus Fire Marshal.


6. Reporting requirements


Report any damaged or missing Knox boxes to the Fire Safety group at (949) 824-6200.


7. Training requirements and Competency Assessment


No training requirements or competency assessments are required for this program.


8. Information and External References


California Fire Code, Article 9, Section 902.4 Key Boxes


9. Appendices