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Radiation Use Authorization

Section 1

Radiation Use Authorization

Radioactive materials on the UCI campus are regulated by the California Department of Health Services (DHS) under a broad-scope radioactive materials license for research and medical diagnosis and by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) under a license for the TRIGA nuclear reactor.

Radiation-producing machines (accelerators and x-ray machines) for non-medical research and for medical diagnosis at Student Health are registered with DHS by the UCI campus. Radiation-producing machines for medical diagnosis at Gottschalk Medical Plaza are registered with DHS by UC Irvine Medical Center.

In order to use medical or non-medical radioactive materials or non-medical radiation-producing machines on the UCI campus, a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) must be obtained from the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). The procedure the RSC uses to evaluate and approve an RUA is described in the Radiation Safety Manual.

Application for RUA - Radioactive Materials Use

Application for Radiation-producing Machine Use

Submitting your application

  • Complete and save form(s).
  • Send via email as an attachment to the UC Irvine Radiation Safety Officer at radsafety@uci.edu for review.

After receipt of the application the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) will arrange to meet with the applicant to review and discuss campus radiation safety procedures.

Prior to handling any radioactive materials, all employees, postdocs, students and visitors who will be working under the RUA must be registered as authorized users and complete radiation safety training available at the UC Learning Center at www.uclc.uci.edu.

Authorizations are issued for a period of 1-2 years, depending on hazard category. To request an amendment to an existing RUA contact the UC Irvine RSO at 949-824-6200.

At renewal time, an RUA renewal worksheet will be sent to the PI. If this paperwork is not returned to EH&S, a radiation safety staff member will contact the PI to schedule an interview. NOTE: RUAs that are not renewed before the expiration date are subject to cancellation.

In case where a laboratory has no radioactive materials on hand and has no immediate plans to purchase, one option is to place the RUA into a "Hot Termination" status.