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Ergonomics - Supervisor Responsibilities for Employees Covered by CUE Contract

Environmental Health & Safety and Human Resources have partnered to make available online computer workstation ergonomic assessment tools for all our employees.

  • KeyMoves: A simple tutorial program, which describes how to work at a computer workstation comfortably. It includes the "ABC's of Adjusting Your Workstation" and "At Your Keyboard", both detailed modules are designed to prevent injury and maximize productivity.
  • WorkWell Computer Workstation Self-evaluation: A detailed online program where employees may complete a self-assessment for potential ergonomic risk factors. Upon completion, both the employee and supervisor receive a written report, which includes personalized recommendations to increase the employee's comfort and reduce the risk of injury while working at the computer workstation.

The WorkWell assessment is an excellent tool to implement the ergonomic review required by the recent UC collective bargaining agreement with the Coalition of University Employees (CUE). Under the terms of the CUE agreement , supervisors must:

  • Complete an office ergonomic review within 90 days from date of a new eligible CUE hire (or existing CUE employee that is reassigned to a different workstation). Eligible is defined as having greater than 60% (4.8 hours of an 8 hour day) at a computer.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to document the self-evaluation by keeping a copy of the written assessment in the personnel file. WorkWell automatically generates the report to the employee and supervisor after completion of the online assessment. Also, supervisors should take appropriate action to assist the employee in meeting the recommendations suggested by WorkWell.
  • Upon request, the supervisor must be available to discuss the results of the assessment with the employee.
  • If problems continue to persist after implementing changes suggested by the workstation assessment, you may contact our Safety Engineer at safety@uci. edu to come to your unit for further assessment.
Please contact EH&S at 949-824-9940 if you have any questions or require specialized assistance.

Document Initiator: Ruth Bundy
Rev.: January 2004

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