Environmental Health & Safety
Supporting the campus community by proactively protecting people, property and the environment in a responsible and cost effective manner.

Food Safety

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Food Safety

» Approved Caterers List
» Foodborne Illness Investigations
» Retail Food Facilities
» Temporary Food Permit Procedure

The California State Charter and the California State Department of Health Services have designated the Environmental Health and Safety Office as the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) for all properties owned by the Regents of the University of California. EH&S works in concert with the Orange County Health Department on all public health programs. However, EH&S retains regulatory authority on campus property for the food safety program. Enforcement activities are accomplished through Educational Enforcement programs.

Local Enforcement Agency (LEA): Local Health Department that enforces State and local health codes.

Educational Enforcement Programs: A program of training programs and on-site inspections designed to accomplish compliance through education than through enforcement strategies. Enforcement strategies are used when education efforts fail to bring about an appropriate level of compliance with State codes and University policies.