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Smoke and Tobacco-free

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smoke and tobacco-free

UCI Is a Smoke-Free and Tobacco-free Campus

UC Irvine is committed to providing a healthy working, learning and living environment for all members of the campus community and its visitors. Smoking-related illness, including those related to tobacco smoke, comprises the largest proportion of preventable diseases.

As a leader in health and health care, as well as environmental research, policy, practice and education, UC Irvine has a responsibility to demonstrate leadership in reducing tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure for our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

This affects everyone on UC Irvine property, including students, faculty, staff, guests and visitors. We ask that all tobacco users be respectful of our initiative.

This policy prohibits smoking on all campus properties including all indoor and outdoor areas. Smoking is prohibited everywhere on campus and at properties owned or leased by UC Irvine, including all parking lots.

Enforcement is educational, and all students, faculty, staff and visitors are expected to abide by current policies.

Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy Task Force

Marc Gomez, Co-Chair
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Environmental Health & Safety

Sharon Stead, Co-Chair
Director, Middle Earth Housing

Paul Cooper
Interim Chief, Police

Drew Chesen
Director, Building Services and Housing, Division of Continuing Education; Chair,Communications Work Group

Doug Everhart
Director of Student Wellness & Health Promotion

Christie Fowler
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior

Kristine Ferry
Operations, Library

Gregory Gallardo
Director of Facilities and Space Planning, School of Social Sciences

Dyan Hall
Wellness Program Administrator, Human Resources

Stephanie-Jean Hinojosa
Manager - FM IT System, Facilities Management & Staff Assembly

Marcelle Holmes
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Wellness, Health & Counseling Services

Frances Leslie
Dean, Graduate Division

Alina Ostrander
Department of Psychology and Social Behavior

Anna Pushkin
Student Fellow

Joe Rizkallah
Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Alan Sahussanun
Environmental Health Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety

Deborah Sunday
Assistant Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts

David Timberlake
Associate Professor, Public Health

Ashlee Whitehead
Alcohol and Other Drugs Program Manager