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Safety Committees

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Safety Committees

Safety Committees

  • Make health and safety activities an integral part of the organization’s operating procedures, culture and programs.
  • Promote and maintain the interest of employees in health and safety issues.
  • Inform and educate employees and supervisors about health and safety issues, new standards, research findings, etc.
  • Educate managers, supervisors and employees through awareness and training activities that they are primarily responsible for the prevention of workplace accidents.
  • Provide an opportunity for the free discussion of health and safety problems and possible solutions.
  • Help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Help ensure compliance with federal and state health and safety standards.


Getting Involved!

Do you currently have a Safety Committee? Please let us know! Are you doing something unique or successful that you would like to share with other Safety Committees? Are there issues you are struggling with? We can put you in touch with other UC Irvine campus Safety Committees who have a similar department/area focus.

If you are interested in forming a Safety Committee for your department, EH&S is here to help.

EH&S can assist with:

  • Safety Committee set-up
  • Safety Committee group training
  • Planning and operational suggestions
  • Topical training provided by EH&S
  • Facilitation of vendor-provided training


Training Opportunities

  • Coming Soon!



  • "Safety Moments" - Safety Moments provide an informational resource for safety committees/contacts to use and share. Each "moment" is a synopsis of a longer article (source provided).
    For information about or assistance with safety committees EH&S at safety@uci.edu or call (949) 824-6200.


Active UCI Safety Committees

  • Campus Laboratory Safety Committee
    • Pramod Khargonekar,
      Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of Research
    • Ronald Cortez,
      Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration
  • Drone Safety Committee
    • (Coming Soon)
  • Chemistry Safety Committee
    • Dr. Kim Edwards
  • Environmental Health and Safety
    • Sandra Huang Conrrad
  • Facilities Management Safety Committee
    • Eric Allton
  • Hospitality and Dining Services
    • Kelly Kuhnart
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
    • Dr. Klemens Hertel
  • Machine Shop Safety Committee
    • (Coming Soon)
  • Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)
    • Dr. Charles Limoli
  • Risk Intelligence Committee
    • (Coming Soon)
  • School of the Arts Safety Committee
    • Deb Sunday
  • Student Housing
    • Bryan McCormick
  • Transportation and Distribution Services
    • Jim Hoppe
  • Travel Safety Committee
    • (Coming Soon)
  • University Lab Animal Research (ULAR) Safety Committee
    • Lorena Andrade