Laboratory Safety Representatives

The Laboratory Safety Representatives (SR), part of the Safety-On-Site program, is designated by the Principal Investigator (PI) to assist in identifying and addressing safety concerns, overseeing safety practices in daily operations and is the primary liaison for safety in the laboratory.

The EHS Coordinators work closely with both principal investigators and safety representatives to minimize hazards in the laboratory and enhance UCI’s safety culture. EHS Coordinators provide one-on-one PI and SR Orientations for new faculty or staff to familiarize them with safety requirements and available resources.

Safety Representative Orientation

New Principal Investigators and/or Safety Representatives should complete a one-on-one orientation with their EHS Coordinator to become familiar with UCI Research requirements and EHS resources.

The orientation is 1-2 hours based on your research area(s) consisting of:

  1. Introduction and overview of your research.
  2. Overview of important EHS webpages and resources.
  3. Set-up of research accounts (LHAT, Chemical Inventory).
  4. Overview of training and institutional application requirements.
  5. Comprehensive training on laboratory safety binder including principal investigator or laboratory-specific orientation checklist.
  6. Physical walkthrough and recommendations for setting-up new research area(s) and/or new hazardous processes.

Please contact your EHS Coordinator to schedule an orientation within the first two weeks that you are on-campus or in your new position. Please bring your laboratory safety binder to the orientation if available. Your EHS Coordinator can provide you with a new or updated binder if needed. You may also request items for your laboratory including hazard stickers, signs, and spill kit.

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for updating the LHAT, chemical inventory, and binder at least annually or may delegate these tasks to the safety representative or other trained laboratory worker.

Pass the torch! When you leave the laboratory make sure you and/or your PI assign a new safety representative and inform your EHS Coordinator of this change.

Research Safety Tools

The chemical inventory (UC Chemicals, CiBR-Trac, or for chemistry department use ChemInnovation) must be updated at least annually.

The LHAT should be updated by the PI and/or SR every three years or if there is a change to research hazard location(s), workers in the laboratory, workplace hazards, or need for personal protective equipment.

EHS conducts the laboratory safety inspections at least annually. The PI and/or SR should prepare for the inspection and correct any findings within the specific due date.

The New Lab Worker Site Specific Safety Training Checklist should be reviewed and signed by all new laboratory workers:

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