Be Smart About Safety (BSAS)

  • Program initiated in 2006 by UCOP Office of Risk Services
  • Designed to invest in loss prevention programs to reduce numbers and severity of employee injuries
  • Workers’ Compensation program results:
    • Decrease in frequency of claims
    • Overall reduction in Workers’ Compensation rates
  • Initial success of program led to expansion of program to address safety, risk and loss exposures in other risk management program areas

BSAS Program Funding

  • Projects intended to reduce the frequency and severity of potential loss in the areas of:
    • Workers’ Compensation (employee injury claims)
    • Auto liability and physical damage
    • Employment practices liability
    • General liability
    • Professional liability
    • Property damage

Past UCI BSAS Projects

Workers’ Compensation projects:

  • Ergonomics equipment and demonstration space
  • Ergonomics consultant
  • Safety training in Spanish
  • Anti-slip shoes
  • Arc Flash prevention and high voltage PPE
  • Aerosol-tight centrifuge cups and rotor lids
  • Gas cylinder pressure safety valves
  • Safety recognition and incentive programs
  • Machine guarding
  • Sharps injury prevention
  • Emergency eyewash/showers

Risk Management projects:

  • High hazard chemical disposal and lecture bottle removal
  • Flammable cabinets
  • Seismic bracing
  • Online defensive driving training licenses
  • Supervisor training programs
  • Security video cameras
  • GFCI’s in labs
  • Campus lighting
  • Trip hazard repairs
  • -80F ultra low temperature freezer monitoring

BSAS Projects Request Process

  • Submit online application
    • Description of project - executive level summary, description of proposal and scope
    • Identify past losses
    • How will project mitigate future losses
    • Cost estimate of project
    • Project lead/responsible person