Be Smart About Safety (BSAS)

EHS is committed to reducing the cost of risk through the implementation of a variety of projects aimed at employee injury prevention for Irvine campus employees. The BE SMART ABOUT SAFETY (BSAS) program is designed to increase awareness of employee safety and reduce the number of employee injuries. Funding of projects is intended to reduce the frequency and severity of potential loss in the areas of Workers’ Compensation. Since the implementation of the BSAS program, UC Irvine has been investing BSAS dollars into loss prevention and loss control activities across campus. As a result, the Workers’ Compensation program has experienced a decrease in the frequency of new claims and an overall reduction in UC Irvine’s Workers’ Compensation rates.


BSAS Project Proposals

If you have an idea about how to prevent employee accidents and injuries, please submit a BSAS Project Proposal.