Fire and Life Safety

About UCI Fire and Life Safety

The Fire & Life Safety Division is essential in protecting the campus community from injuries, business interruption, and property damage resulting from fires and related perils. The Division's purpose is to ensure reasonable and consistent protection for persons and property in or on UC Irvine administered properties, including all housing units, excluding UC Irvine Medical Center and their facilities.


Our Leadership Team

Joe Rizkallah Interim Associate Director, EH&S (949) 824-9850
Dale Saunders Lead Fire Marshal (949) 824-4077
Aaron Adams Fire Marshal (949) 824-0137
Eric Gardner Assistant Fire Marshal (949) 824-9665
Jason Delaney Supervisor, Fire Sprinkler Systems (949) 824-6093
Jim Bola Fire Prevention Officer & Fire Alarm Staff Assistant Supervisor (949) 824-6706
Mark P. Day Supervisor, Fire Alarm Systems (949) 824-1350





Yes, email or call Environmental Health and Safety at 949 824-6200.

Yes, fill out a Special Events Application.

In Housing, call your RA or Housing Office. On Campus call Facilities Management, (949) 824-5444.

The Fire Sprinkler or Fire Alarm System in your building is undergoing repairs. Please follow the instructions on the notice. If there is smoke or fire dial 911.

The activation of the Fire Alarm System indicates an unsafe condition exists within the building. For your safety and for the safety of first responders you must evacuate to the buildings assembly area.

No, it is against the law to tamper with a Fire Alarm System. You must evacuate the building if the fire alarm is activated.

You may re-enter a building when first responders say it is safe to do so. Call UCIPD if you are unsure at 949 824-5223.

Yes, smoking on all Campus properties including all indoor and outdoor areas is prohibited.

UCOP Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment Policy

The use of candles in University owned residence areas (i.e. residence halls, dormitories, fraternity houses and sorority houses) is PROHIBITED unless written authorization is given by the Fire Safety Division.

For authorization email with details.

Charcoal BBQ grills are not permitted on campus. Propane BBQ grills may be used with written authorization from the Fire Safety Division.

For authorization email with details.



Our Programs

  • Plan Review and Construction Inspections
  • Fire Prevention Program
    • Special Event Permits
    • Fire Watch
    • Pyrotechnics Permits
    • Knox Box Oversight
    • Evacuation Drills
    • Fire Extinguisher Training
    • Chemical Inventory Control for MAQ
  • Campus Structures
    • Fire Alarm and Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance 
    • Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
    • State Mandated Building Safety Inspections
  • Housing Facilities
    • Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
    • Fire Sprinkler Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance
    • State Mandated Building Inspections
  • American Campus Communities (ACC) Public-Private Partnership (P3)
    • Fire Alarm Inspection and Testing
    • Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing
    • State Mandated Building Inspections
  • Campus wide Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) use permit


Our Services

The Fire & Life Safety Division provides a spectrum of services that range from inspecting, testing, and maintaining existing building’s fire safety systems, evaluating chemical inventories, and inspecting new construction, ensuring that the Campus facilities are constructed and maintained meeting all State and Federal Fire Safety Codes and Standards.