Additional COVID-19 Resources

Updated September 13, 2021 | 2:00 p.m.


Providing a healthy workplace is of paramount concern at UCI. We are committed to providing updates on the latest developments and how they impact our employees in the workplace. Below, you will find several EHS-created resources for use by the campus.

Positive or Suspected Cases in the Work Place

This document outlines the process of what occurs when a positive or suspected case has been identified in the work place, and what EHS does in response to a minor or major outbreak. 

Returning to Campus

The link above will take you to our Returning to Campus page, which has specific tools, instructions and procedures on how to safely return to Campus.

Safety Information for Campus Visitors

The page will provide general campus guidelines and resources.

Vendors, Contractors, and Suppliers COVID-19 Guidance

This guidance document provides UCI-specific information for vendors, contractors, and suppliers working or visiting UCI during campus-modified services.




Health & Safety Guidelines

Bottled Water Dispenser and Drinking Water System Units Cleaning Reference Guide

Face Coverings Guidance

Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccines

PPE Guide - Donning, Doffing and Cleaning PPE

Safe Food Handling Guidance


Prevention & Wellness Posters

COVID-19 Summer Tips (English | Español)
Tips to stay cool while keeping your face covered

NOTICE: Before Entering
Unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear face coverings

Six Steps of Handwashing 
Follow these six steps for proper handwashing

Spread the Word Not a Virus 
Prevent the spread by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds

Symptoms of Coronavirus (English | Español)
Recognize and pay attention to the symptoms of the virus and know when to seek medical attention

Tips to Prevent Touching Your Face (English | Español)
Not touching your face is harder than it sounds. Follow the helpful hints to avoid touching your face

Tips to Stay Well (English | Español)
Essential everyday tips to implement staying healthy and well



COVID-19 Prevention - 6/17/21 Readoptation 

Face Coverings - Guidance for Non-Medical UCI Employees


Learning Videos

How Coronavirus Can Spread

Dean Rameen - Sanitize!

Hand-Washing with Peter the Anteater - Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds

Hand Washing Tips

Studies have shown that it is not the water temperature, but the use of soap, water, and especially the time you take rubbing the hands (for 20 seconds) that really gets your hands clean. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends individuals avoid using hot water to wash their hands because repeated exposure to hot water may increase the risk of dermatitis.

Detailed information on how to properly wash your hands can be found at:

For additional information behind the science of CDC’s recommendations, link to:


Additional Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Information (FAQs)

World Health Organization (WHO) Q&A: How is COVID-10 transmitted

OC COVID-19 Information - Powered by UCI and UCI Health

UCI Coronavirus

UCOP Coronavirus

UCI Human Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC)

OC Health Care Agency

CDC Guidance on Physical Distancing



Covid-19 Summer Tips

Summer Covid-19 Tips

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NOTICE: Before Entering


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Six Steps of Hand Washing

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Spread the Word, Not a Virus

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Symptoms of Coronavirus


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Tips to Prevent Touching Your Face


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Tips to Stay Well


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