Ladder Safety

Things to consider before purchasing a ladder:

1. Only fiberglass or aluminum ladders are allowed to be purchased and used at UCI. Wood ladders are not allowed to be purchased or used on campus.


Duty Rating




Special Duty


375 lbs.


  Extra Duty


300 lbs.


 Heavy Duty


250 lbs

2. Training: Anyone using a ladder should complete initial training prior to the use of ladders. Classroom and online training is available through UC Learning Center:

3. Inspection: Ladders need to be inspected prior to every use and also on an annual basis.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What types of ladders fall under this program?

A: Any ladder over three (3) feet in height/length that is used or potentially could be used by a University employee.

Q: Who is responsible for implementing this program within my department?

A: Individual departments are responsible for maintaining a comprehensive inventory and inspection records of the ladders used. Departments are encouraged to designate a “Ladder Safety Program Administrator” that will work, in conjunction with EH&S, to implement the requirements of the UCI Ladder Safety Program.

Q: Who is responsible for inspecting ladders?

A: Each department is responsible for inspecting and maintaining inspection records of the ladders used.

Q: How often should ladders be inspected?

A: Ladders should be inspected by the individual using the ladder immediately before and after use as well as annual basis.

Q: What should be done with a defective ladder?

If a ladder is found to be defective, that ladder must be tagged with a “DO NOT USE” tag, removed immediately from the worksite and reported to a supervisor. The inventory list must then be updated to reflect the change in status of the specific ladder.



Ladder Inspection Checklist

Contact EHS at or 949-824-6200 if you have any questions regarding safe ladder use.